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Research Team 

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Chalise Carlson, M.A.

Study Coordinator 

Chalise Carlson is the Study Coordinator/Research Assistant across all the studies in the Gould Lab. Chalise received her M.A. in Research and Experimental Psychology from San José State University.  Chalise has experience in researching the topics of depression, anxiety, geriatric use of technology, attention, multi-tasking, memory, sleep, and wakefulness.  Her current role includes operations research for an ongoing nationwide grant to assist rural veteran's with receiving mental healthcare, recruiting and enrolling participants in the Lab's ongoing studies, performing data analysis, preparing literature and materials, designing procedures and materials for use in the lab and interacting with all the Gould Lab patients and participants.

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Ana Jessica (AJ) Alfaro, Psy.D.

Geriatric Research & Clinical Center (GRECC) Postdoctoral Fellow


AJ Alfaro is a Research Fellow in the Advanced Fellowship Program in Geriatrics at VA Palo Alto Healthcare System’s GRECC and a Postdoctoral Scholar (affiliated) at the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine. She works on several research and clinical demonstration projects in the Gould Lab, including BREATHE and Geri-Mobile Health. Dr. Alfaro completed her pre-doctoral psychology internship at the VA Palo Alto Healthcare System as a Geropsychology Intern and received her Psy.D. from Nova Southeastern University. Her professional and research interests include public policy related to increasing access to and quality of mental health services for aging Veterans and leveraging technology to deliver evidence-based mental health assessments and interventions to older adults.

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